I just downloaded QNX. Now what the @#$! am I supposed to do?

I'm glad you asked. Malte, a field application engineer who works for QNX Germany, has created a video to accompany his inimitable QNX QuickStart Guide. The guide leads you through all the basics: installing QNX, configuring network connections, creating IDE projects, compiling code, debugging programs — all in 10 easy-to-follow steps. Better yet, you can download the video in English, German, or Japanese.

Here's Part I of the video, which has just been posted on YouTube. See below for links to the entire video and to the PDF version of the QuickStart Guide.

For the PDF version of the QuickStart Guide, click here.

For the YouTube versions of the video, follow these links:

- Part I: English, German

- Part II: English, German

- Part III: English, German

To download the complete video from the QNX website, follow these links:

- Parts I through III: English, German, Japanese

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Paul N. Leroux said...

A reader asked what they should do once they've obtained the serial number for their QNX Momentics download. If you've downloaded an ISO, do the following:

1) Burn the ISO to CD. (If you've downloaded a Windows ISO, you could use mounting software such as Alcohol 52% instead of burning to CD.)

2) Install from this CD (or mounted CD).

Note that a Windows ISO must be installed on Windows, a QNX Neutrino ISO must be installed on QNX Neutrino, etc.