Ottawa in bloom

In March, I posted photos of what Ottawa looked like after a major blizzard. It's now early May and the flowers are blooming like mad, so it's time to show you what Ottawa looks like sans snow.

Let's start by walking out QNX's front door. As you can see, some of the tulips in the front garden are in full bloom:

A closer look:

When you walk across the street from QNX, you quickly reach a section of the Trans Canada trail, which, when completed, will stretch 18,000 kilometers. Just off the trail, I came across several bushes in full flower:

Here's another photo of these bushes, which I took back in 2006.

Huge numbers of migratory birds have returned to Ottawa in the last month, including robins, kingbirds, ducks, herons, red-winged blackbirds, and, one of my favorites, waxwings. Here's a waxwing that flew close to QNX headquarters, back in April:

After viewing this post, someone asked about the geese that "overrun" Ottawa in Spring time. Overrun might be too strong a word (unless you just put your foot in Goose guano, in which case the sentiment is understandable), but, in any case, here's a shot of some Canada geese flying overhead. I took this in April, a few kilometres from QNX:

If you'd like to share some of your Spring photos, just leave a comment and provide a link — I'd be delighted to see them.


Anonymous coward said...

I hear Ottawa gets overrun with geese in the Spring - have you had a gander at any of these fine feathered fellows on your travels?

Paul N. Leroux said...

I don't see many on my daily travels, but I did take a couple of goose pix a couple of weeks ago. I'll dig one up and post it --in fact, I'll probably add it to this post. Stay tuned!

- Paul

p.s. Love the pun.

Paul N. Leroux said...

Dear anonymous:

Take a look -- I've added a photo of geese flying overhead.


- Paul