Well, king me: It's a checkers-playing robot!

QNX-based systems perform eye surgery, control air traffic, monitor nuclear power plants, and keep 9-1-1 systems running 24/7. Heck, they even control touchless car washes. But did you know that QNX can also play a wicked game of checkers? Check out the video here. (Hint: Skip the intro and fast-forward to the 00:40 mark.)

I don't know about you, but any robotics project that can prove its point using beer caps and bubble gum has got my vote!

For the record...

If you really want to have a million people do something, don't ask them to speak Latin. It is enough to ask them to just speak English without using cuss words...”

- Wen-mei Hwu, a senior researcher in parallel programming at the University of Illinois, on resisting the temptation to create new programming languages for multi-core processors.

Random hits...

A QNX-based system for genome analysis; your forest on drugs; explaining cosmetic surgery to children.

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