Blisteringly fast

Back in 2005, a press release described 25 ways in which people encounter QNX technology every day, whether they’re watching TV, washing their car, or surfing the web.

Allow me to add item 26: Taking your medicine.

This week, VisionSystems Design published a story on a new QNX-based vision system that can inspect up to 500 pharmaceutical blister packs a second. Developed by Scanware Electronic of Germany, the system uses algorithms written in C and C++ to detect contamination, broken pills, and empty or overfilled packets.

It turns out that the QNX Neutrino RTOS has a long history in vision and imaging systems. You'll find it in everything from the space vision system that helps Shuttle astronauts position the Canadarm to inspection systems that scan for defects in the lids of peanut butter jars.

Speaking of which, allow me to add item 27 to the list: making a PBJ!

Scanning for defects at up to 500 bps (blister packs per second)

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