Senior QNX developer takes home Eclipse lifetime contribution award

Doug gets a trophy (and a hug) at EclipseCon Europe.
Kudos to Doug Schaefer of the QNX tools team, who has just received a lifetime contribution award for his leadership in the Eclipse open-source community.

The award recognizes all of the work that Doug has performed to make the Eclipse community vibrant — from serving as project lead for the Eclipse C/C++ Tooling (CDT) project, to sitting on councils and committees that provide guidance to various Eclipse projects.

More than 30 vendors, including BlackBerry QNX, use Eclipse CDT as the foundation for their commercial development tools. And about 1,000,000 developers use the open-source version of Eclipse CDT to create software.

According to Doug, “The award shows that, with great technology, respect for the community, and passion for what we do, we can be influential leaders in the industry. And that’s good for business, since our community involvement enables us to deliver far greater value than if we were working on our own. Our Eclipse work also helps to ensure that every embedded developer knows what a great thing we have going at BlackBerry QNX .”

QNX is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation and provided the initial contribution for the Eclipse CDT project. The company continues to serve a leadership role in the Eclipse community through the efforts of the QNX Momentics IDE team.

During the day, Doug works as an architect and senior developer at QNX, where he focuses on the editor and build systems for the QNX Momentics IDE.

Doug received his award at EclipseCon Europe, which was held October 26 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. While at the event, Doug chaired the Embedded Tools Summit and presented a new system that makes it easier for Eclipse community members to integrate build tools into Eclipse CDT.

Past winners of the Eclipse lifetime achievement award include Chris Aniszczyk, who now serves as COO of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and Ed Merks, the long-time lead of the Eclipse modeling project.

Did you know? For years, Doug has maintained a blog on Eclipse CDT. I invite you to check it out. And while you're at it, follow him on Twitter.