Time to blast some space debris!

If you're the proud owner of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, here's a new game that you won't find on any other platform. It involves space debris, the International Space Station, and some quick thinking on your part — because unless you act fast, the space station will rapidly become an ex-station. And we don't want that, do we?

The game is called Ablative Air. To be honest, the name threw me off at first, as it would anyone who has studied Latin, a language in which "ablative" is just one of six noun cases (and people wonder why it's a dead language). But in the context of the game, ablative refers to the verb "ablate" — you know, vaporizing something to kingdom come. Which is what you get to do to the space debris.

The game's author is none other than Andy Gryc, whom many of you know through the QNX auto blog. Now here's the thing: some of you may assume, incorrectly, that the game was inspired by the new movie Gravity, which involves more space debris than you can shake a shuttle at. But, in fact, the near-simultaneous releases of the game and the movie are pure serendipity — or, if you prefer, synchronicity. Andy was at work on Ablative Air long before Gravity made its debut, and he didn't even hear about the movie until after he posted the game on BlackBerry World.

Enough of my blather. Check out this review, posted by the folks at CrackBerry. Then check out the links below to learn more about (and purchase!) Ablative Air.

Download Ablative Air from BlackBerry World, check out Andy's Facebook page, and visit his developer blog.


As I was finishing this post, Andy Gryc sent me a message, saying that Ablative Air has just been granted "Built for BlackBerry" status. This signifies that an app or game satisfies a number of criteria, including user experience, performance, security, localization, and service integration. Congratulations, Andy!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Great job, Andy. Thanks for sharing, Paul.


Paul N. Leroux said...

Hey Somu, long time no see! Hope all is well.