New webinar: PLCs made easy

PLC reference platform
from Freescale, QNX,
Okay, I'll admit it, creating anything of value is never that easy. The details always get in the way. But every once in a while, a tool comes by that can make your job easier. Not to mention faster.

That's the idea behind the new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) reference platform from Freescale, QNX Software Systems, ISaGRAF, and KPA. By pre-integrating EtherCAT software, PLC firmware, and a realtime OS on a dual-core processor, the platform allows design engineers to spend less less time on underlying plumbing — which means they can get to the application stage sooner. And who can argue with sooner?

If you'd like to know more about this new platform, check out the upcoming webinar hosted by Chris Ault, a product manager at QNX, and John Ralston, a system architect at Freescale. Here are the coordinates:

    PLC Made Easy: A Day in the Life of Developing a Pre-Integrated EtherCAT Programmable Logic Controller
    Tuesday, December 4; 11:00 am to 12:00 noon EDT

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