Qt Creator 2.6 introduces QNX support

This just in: The Qt developer blog has announced a new release of Qt Creator, the integrated development environment for creating applications and user interfaces based on the Qt application framework. (If you're unfamiliar with Qt, check out these previous posts.)

The new release, version 2.6, is now in beta and introduces two key features: support for the QNX OS and a concept called kits.

According to Eike Ziller of the Qt developer blog, a kit is a user-defined combination of compiler, debugger, Qt version, and target device. As a developer, you can freely choose each kit setting independent of all other settings. For instance, you can mix and match compilers and Qt versions. Qt Creator will warn you if it thinks you're choosing a dumb combination, but otherwise gives you free rein over the configuration.

Kits are new to 2.6 and they replace a concept called targets. Targets served a similar function, but were "hardwired". If you deviated from the default setting of a target, you had to manually change all build and run configurations. But now, with targets, the IDE makes these changes for you.

Qt Creator 2.6 supports both QNX and Android, but doesn't support Symbian. According to Ziller, Symbian support had to be dropped because of a lack of maintainers.

Here's a screen capture of the Kit Preferences dialog:

For details on Qt Creator 2.6, visit the Qt developer blog.

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Craig Scratchley said...

Interesting that Symbian support has been dropped so soon after Nokia sold Qt. (I'm not even sure that the sale of Qt been finalized.)